Collection: Puzzles

Ever since I was a young child I have always loved puzzles.  I looked forward to the challenging journey of putting together puzzles with no images to help, no edges, puzzles shaped like actual animals, puzzles all shapes, sizes and colors. I have spent hundreds of hours puzzling. To this day, there is nothing more satisfying for me then putting in that last piece and running my hand over the entire puzzle.  When I had the opportunity to turn my very own art into puzzles, I couldn't resist.  This is a Collection of High-Quality 1000 piece puzzles made from my original artwork! 

Happy Puzzling! 

*please note that I am currently sourcing a new supplier for puzzle customers outside of the US, as shipping charges are significantly higher in other countries. If you are looking to purchase a puzzle outside of the US, please contact me right away and I will look to find a solution. 

Would you love to have a personalized painting?

I am able to create beautiful artwork with symbolism layered in for your SOUL to interpret and translate. Lighting and igniting a spark within YOU. Bringing to life aspects of your SOUL waiting to be heard, felt, seen and loved. Ideas birthed out of your dreams and brought to life by me - I would be honored to paint a piece for you. Head over to my Commissions Page to learn more and we can begin to co-create some magic!

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