Who are you as an artist? 

Ah, the ever-elusive question! To discover the intricacies of who I am as an artist, I invite you to delve into my creative universe on my 'About Me' page. There, you'll unravel the layers of my artistic journey, inspirations, and what fuels my passion for creating. Click About Me to explore and get to know the artist behind the canvas!

What mediums do you work with? 

I specialize in creating vibrant pieces using acrylic paints and the exquisite touch of gold leaf. Each artwork is meticulously crafted on archival-quality natural cotton canvas, ensuring longevity and maintaining the integrity of the piece. 

The canvas I use is a heavy-duty, gesso-primed surface, meticulously prepared for immediate painting. Its medium/rough texture offers the perfect foundation for acrylics, allowing me to achieve the depth and richness of colors that define my artistic style. 

To maintain the highest standards, the frame is professionally constructed using medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1.5" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars. This process not only provides a sturdy base for my artwork but also offers a professional presentation.

These artworks are available in multiple sizes, featuring a 1.5" (3.8 cm) depth and a crisp color that complements the vividness of the acrylic paints and the delicate allure of the gold leaf. The canvas is archival and acid-free, ensuring that each piece retains its brilliance and quality over time. 

I take pride in the craftsmanship of my art and the attention to detail in the materials used, aiming to create pieces that not only captivate the eye but also stand the test of time. If you have any more questions about my process, materials, or specific artworks, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm passionate about sharing the intricate journey behind each creation.

What subjects/themes do you often depict in your paintings? 

Thank you for your interest in my artwork! My creative expression revolves around a fusion of distinctive subjects and themes that hold personal significance to me. 

I'm particularly drawn to three main themes in my paintings: 

  • Animals: Animals, especially those less commonly depicted, hold a special place in my artistic vision. I find inspiration in the uniqueness and diversity of the animal kingdom, often portraying them in ways that showcase their individuality and mystery. 
  • Portraits: Capturing the essence and intricacies of individuals through portraiture is another facet of my artistry. Whether it's exploring the depths of human emotions or depicting a subject's character, I strive to convey their essence through my brushstrokes. 
  • Sacred Geometry: The allure of sacred geometry and its symbolic significance captivates me. I incorporate geometric elements into my artworks, exploring their harmonic patterns and spiritual symbolism, creating a visual language that merges art and mysticism. 

These themes intertwine and manifest in my artworks, creating a tapestry of diverse yet interconnected narratives. Each piece I create tells a story that amalgamates these themes, inviting viewers to delve into a world where nature, humanity, and mysticism converge. 

If you have any further inquiries about specific artworks or the inspiration behind my themes, please feel free to ask. I'm enthusiastic about sharing the depth and inspiration that fuel my creative endeavors.

Can I commission a custom artwork? 

Absolutely! I'm thrilled about the opportunity to bring your artistic vision to life. To learn more about commissioning a custom artwork and the process involved, I encourage you to visit my 'Commissions' page. There, you'll find detailed information on how to request a custom piece tailored just for you. Click Commissions Page to explore and start the journey towards owning a unique and personalized creation!"

Do you provide any certificates of authenticity or documentation with purchases? 

Absolutely! For original artwork purchases, each piece is signed by me directly on the back of the canvas, serving as a mark of its authenticity and origin. Additionally, I include a certificate of authenticity with every original artwork. This certificate verifies the genuineness of the piece, providing you with assurance and documentation of its authenticity and provenance. 

Your satisfaction and confidence in the authenticity of the artwork you acquire from me are important. I take pride in ensuring that each original piece comes with both my personal signature and a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its originality and value. 

Do you sell prints of your paintings? 

Yes, I do offer a diverse range of prints for my paintings! You can find canvas prints, giclée poster prints, and puzzle prints available in both black and white and color variations. These prints come in various sizes carefully selected to maintain the integrity and essence of each piece. 

Additionally, I'm excited to share that I'm currently working on establishing a Print on Demand shop on Etsy. This upcoming store will feature an array of clothing, shoes, accessories, and more adorned with my art. Stay tuned for an immersive shopping experience where you can bring my art into your everyday life!

How can I purchase your artwork? 

Purchasing my artwork is simple and convenient! You can acquire pieces directly through my website, where I offer a seamless buying experience. We accept a variety of payment methods to cater to your preferences. 

Furthermore, I provide worldwide shipping services, ensuring that my art finds its way to your doorstep no matter where you are. Feel free to explore the collection and make your choice from the comfort of your home. Thank you for considering adding a piece of my art to your life! 

What are your prices? And why is there no Tax? 

My artwork prices vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, and the medium used. Each piece displayed on my website is accompanied by specific pricing details in its description, ensuring transparency in understanding the value of the artwork. Feel free to explore and discover pieces that resonate with you, knowing that I strive to offer fair and reflective pricing for the craftsmanship, creativity and time invested in each creation. 

 As a small company with an annual revenue falling under a certain threshold in my area, I'm not required to charge tax at this time. This means that my customers have the advantage of cost savings, as they won't incur additional taxes on their purchases. I strive to provide transparent and competitive pricing while ensuring a delightful experience for art enthusiasts looking to acquire my creations. Should you have any further questions about pricing or tax-related matters, please feel free to reach out. I can only suspect that I will have to be charging tax soon, so if there is a creation you love, you can definitely take advantage of not paying additional taxes right now! 

Are there tax incentives in Canada for investing in Canadian Art? 

Art offers a splendid means to transform a plain wall or infuse life into any space, injecting character into an office or place of business. However, a lot of people are unaware of the tax incentives introduced by the Canadian government to promote the investment in Canadian Art. 

The realm of collecting Canadian art is evolving into a popular avenue for investments, owing to the Canadian Revenue Agency's (CRA) initiative. Taxpayers purchasing or renting Canadian artworks for personal offices or communal business areas such as lobbies and hallways can now claim tax deductions. For corporations or individuals operating a business, acquiring artworks like drawings, paintings, etchings, sculptures, or photographs is considered a capital expense, potentially qualifying for annual tax deductions if specific criteria are met. 

Art purchases under the Tax Act must fulfill certain criteria: 

  • The artwork should be crafted by a Canadian artist, relating to the business's commercial activities and displayed in a business space frequented by clients. 
  • The piece should hold a value exceeding $200 and be produced by a Canadian artist at the time of creation. 
  • GST and/or QST registrants can recover taxes paid during the purchase by claiming input tax credits. Rental expenses for art are also deductible if incurred for business purposes. 

If these conditions are met, the artwork's purpose can be categorized as either inventory (for eventual resale) or a capital acquisition (an investment for display, enhancing client experience). 

Investing in Canadian Art not only holds financial benefits but also contributes positively to business branding. Displaying Canadian art can set businesses apart and create a memorable experience for customers, invoking a unique sense of experience and feeling.  

*This serves as general information and not tax advice. The complexities and exceptions within the Income Tax Act warrant consulting a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) for personalized advice regarding the eligibility for tax deductions through Investing in Canadian Art. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept a variety of convenient payment methods to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. You can use all major credit cards for your purchases. Additionally, we offer the convenience of Shop Pay, Apple Wallet, and Google Wallet, allowing you to choose the method that suits you best. 

For customers interested in paying with cryptocurrency for original purchases, please feel free to reach out to us directly at for further inquiries. This option is exclusively available for the acquisition of original artwork. Ease and flexibility in making a purchase in this new era of digital currency are important to me personally, so I wanted to make sure this option is available for you too! We're happy to assist with any payment queries you may have!!

How is shipping handled? What are the shipping costs and delivery times?

For original artwork, we ensure utmost care and attention during the shipping process. There's an initial processing time of 2-3 days to meticulously package your original piece securely, maintaining its integrity throughout shipment. Delivery times may vary based on the destination, as we ship our original artwork from Victoria, BC, Canada. Shipping costs and estimated delivery times for original artwork are provided at checkout, offering transparency and convenience. 

On the other hand, prints and puzzles are processed through Printify - a trusted Print on Demand service. This means a reliable third party handles the processing and shipping on behalf of MDLN. The typical processing time for prints and puzzles is around 3-5 days before items are shipped. Similar to original artwork, shipping costs and estimated delivery times for these items are displayed at checkout for your convenience. 

Rest assured, for all orders, whether original artwork or prints/puzzles, tracking details will be promptly emailed to you as soon as they are available. We aim to provide a seamless and transparent shipping experience for all our valued customers. 

Lastly, We aim to provide worldwide shipping options for your convenience, ensuring that art lovers globally can enjoy our pieces. Whether you're across town or across the globe, we strive to get your chosen artwork to you. 

In the event of any issues related to the shipping address not being available during the checkout process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at We're here to assist and ensure a smooth transaction. Your satisfaction with the shipping process is our priority. 

What is your return policy?  Do you offer refunds or exchanges? 

Indeed, I do have a return policy that outlines the details and conditions for returning purchased artwork. For specifics regarding returns, refunds, or exchanges, I invite you to visit my 'Refund Policy' page. There, you'll find comprehensive information on the process and terms. Click Refund Policy to learn more about the return procedures and ensure a smooth experience.

How should I care for and maintain the artwork I purchase? 

We want your artwork to be enjoyed for years to come, and proper care is essential for its longevity. For original paintings, they are varnished to provide protection against dust and UV light, helping preserve their vibrant colors and quality. If dust accumulates on the surface of your original paintings, a gentle cleaning can help restore their luster. You may use a clean, damp cloth lightly and carefully wipe the surface to remove any dust particles. Ensure the cloth is slightly damp and avoid using excessive moisture, which could damage the artwork. This gentle cleaning method can refresh the appearance of your original paintings while preserving their integrity. 

Regarding prints, they are finished with a matte texture, so handling them with care is crucial, especially during unrolling. Scratches or fingerprint markings may occur if not handled properly. When unpacking any artwork, we recommend exercising the utmost care (I would even recommend cotton gloves or two people) to prevent any damage during the unwrapping and framing process. 

In general, to ensure the preservation of your artwork, it's best to display it away from direct sunlight or extreme humidity. If you have any specific concerns or need further guidance on caring for your purchased artwork, feel free to reach out. Your satisfaction with your artwork's condition is important to us!

Do you participate in exhibitions or art fairs?  

Currently, I'm exploring opportunities to exhibit my art in galleries, fairs, or markets as part of my journey and development in 2024. If you're local to Victoria, BC, and would like to see my artwork in person, please feel free to contact me for further information. 

As I'm in the process of confirming events where my work will be showcased, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram @artbymdln for updates and announcements regarding any confirmed showcases or exhibitions. It's the perfect platform to stay connected with my artistic journey and to be among the first to know about upcoming events. 

I'm excited about the new year ahead and the evolution of my art and processes. Your support and interest mean a lot, and I look forward to sharing my work with you in person at future events. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries or if you'd like more details about where and when my art will be on display!

Are you open to collaborations with other artists or organizations? 

Absolutely! I firmly believe that art flourishes in community, connection, and collaboration. Working alongside other talented artists or partnering with organizations aligns perfectly with my core values. I find immense inspiration and joy in the shared creative process, where diverse perspectives merge to create something truly unique. 

Whether it's a joint project with fellow artists or collaborating with organizations to weave art into meaningful initiatives, I'm enthusiastic about exploring collaborative opportunities. The exchange of ideas, skills, and visions not only enriches my artistic journey but also fosters a vibrant and inclusive creative ecosystem. 

I welcome the chance to collaborate and create something extraordinary together. Feel free to reach out if you have any collaboration ideas or initiatives in mind. Let's weave our creativity and passion into a masterpiece that resonates with the world!!

How can I get in touch with you for inquiries or further information? 

Connecting with me is simple and I'm always thrilled to hear from art enthusiasts like yourself! Whether you have inquiries about my artwork, are interested in collaborations, or simply want to say hello, I'd love to chat. 

I strive to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. You can reach me via email at for any inquiries or further information. Additionally, feel free to connect with me on social media platforms like Instagram @artbymdln to stay updated on my latest artworks, announcements, and upcoming events. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and engaging in meaningful conversations about art, creativity, or any other queries you may have. Don't hesitate to drop me a message—I'm here and excited to connect!!