MDLN = Madeleine, that's me!

I am deeply passionate about painting boldly and vibrantly, using acrylic and the delicate touch of gold leaf in my artistic endeavors. My creative canvas is a fusion of themes and subjects that resonate deeply within me.

Three fundamental themes converge and breathe life into my art and soul:

Animals: Embracing my Algonquin Indigenous roots, i see the inherent perfection and balance of the natural world, inspiring me to perceive and utilize these unique animals as guides on my journey to BEing.

Portraits: Exploring the intricate depths of human emotions and expressions through portraiture is a facet of my artistic journey. Each brushstroke endeavors to encapsulate the spirit and character of every subject.

Sacred Geometry: The captivating allure, mystique and profound symbolism of sacred geometry hold a special fascination for me. Interweaving geometric elements into my art, I explore their harmonious patterns and spiritual significance.

I can't help but feel grateful to create a container that invites viewers into a realm where nature, humanity, and mysticism harmoniously converge.

I am Self-Taught Artist residing on Vancouver Island, BC, I view each day and each brush stroke as an opportunity to celebrate the infinite possibilities that creativity and ultimately, life, offers. After a spiritual awakening of sorts, I took a leap of faith and followed the nudge of curiosity inside of me to leave my Commercial Banking career, to stop living for someday and finally become the alchemist of my dreams. Co-creating a world I want to live in filled with purpose and passion whilst fostering the utmost kindness, understanding, and shared humanity.

I aspire to contribute a touch of brightness and compassion to our world. And hopefully my art may serve as a conduit to inspire introspection and discovery, igniting a profound realization of the innate magic within each individual.

For inquiries, collaborations, or commissioned artwork, please feel free to reach out. Your support and engagement are deeply appreciated!